Educational Programs

As a community minded farm we invite schools and groups to get their hands dirty and experience the farm up close. All school programs are designed to help teachers meet school district's wellness policies and can be aligned with state science standards we incorporate experiential learning opportunities like digging up a carrot and tasting its sweetness or studying the strawberry with all five senses. Students can investigate soil and complete farm chores.

Farm-to-School - is designed for K-12 schools and home school groups interested in touring the farm as part of their school curriculum to meet critical state standards.

Guided Tours - Guided tours range from an hour to a full day depending on the age and interests of the group and are designed for college classes and citizen and interest groups.

Field to Plate - Dinning and education on the farm.

Consultation to schools and communities.

Scholarships Available!!

We encourage all organizations interested in our programs to call and discuss scholarship opportunities. We may be able to offer reduced rates for our programs or work with you to identify funding to support your school’s program. We may also try to identify schools interested in sponsoring partnering schools in our programs.

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